Poly Tanks with Lids and Internal Supporting Poles

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Poly Tanks with Lids and Internal Supporting Poles

When looking to purchase a poly tank it goes without saying that you want to install one designed to last. Ensuring the tank you purchase complies with the Australian poly tank standard for storing water and chemicals (AS/NZS 4766) is a good step. Sometimes this isn’t enough however and there are features which aren’t good and can introduce weaknesses such as tank lids and internal poles.

Cutting Tops Off Poly Tanks

Many Australian poly tank manufacturers design poly tanks as one-piece without side seams (in compliance with the AS/NZS 4766 standards), but then cut off the top for easier transport. One benefit this provides to tank owners is that they can remove the lid to more easily and safely clean inside the tank. The disadvantage is that it introduces a structural weakness. Unless specifically designed to hold its shape without a lid, tanks with lids may lose their shape and warp over time.

Supporting Poles Inside Tanks

Larger poly tanks with lids often come with a supporting pole. These poles are positioned inside the tank at the centre to support the heavy lid on top. The constant pressure of the pole sticking into the lid can cause it over time to pierce straight through leaving a hole in the top of your tank. While greater strength can be added to lids where the pole comes into contact, the risk of a hole can be mitigated altogether by designing poly tanks with a self-supporting roof.

National Poly Industries’ Tanks

National Poly Industries produce poly tanks moulded as one-piece with self-supporting lids. You will not receive a tank that has had its top cut off and no internal pole. This ensures the maximum structural integrity of your tank and guarantees no pole will poke through the top of your tank.

The strength of National Poly’s Rotathene® SUPA UV  polyethylene material also means our poly tanks are very resistant to being banged around and hit (check out our test on our Polycraft poly boats). Tests performed demonstrate our poly material is more resilient than steel, and it might surprise many to know this even includes applying a blow torch.

A solution to cleaning inside a tank is to install an inexpensive tank self-cleaning system. This system automatically works to flush any sediment build-up out as soon as the water level reaches the top of the tank. Waste is sucked away from the base of the tank and pump out through the overflow. Suction stops as soon as the water level drops to the pre-set level.

If you are interested in a water tank, National Poly Industries’ poly tanks are made to exceed Australian standards and designed to be some of the strongest and most durable on the market. Discuss your needs with us today and receive a competitive customised quote.